Call for abstracts for the Academy Annual Conference

Call for abstracts for the Academy Annual Conference

This is a joint conference between the European Academy of Optometry and Optics (EAOO) and Federottica (the association representing optometrists and opticians in Italy), and is held alongside with the European Council of Optometry and Optics’ (ECOO) Spring meeting. The conference will bring together professionals from over 30 countries to discuss and share the latest research, education and clinical practice in optometry, optics and dispensing, and vision science.

Timeline for abstracts:

The submission window is open from Monday 3 September 2018 to Friday 2 November (midnight CET).

Abstracts are welcome via the dedicated platform:

Abstracts are invited on any topic or content that can provide delegates with information they can apply to practice and discuss with colleagues. Any work that has the potential to help colleagues, at a national, European or international level in their professional development is welcome.

This could be new research, clinical findings, new technology / developments in visual assessment, novel ideas for how to move patients through the healthcare system, educational topics, or anything else that represents an issue and how to help resolve it. We will also hold a Young Researchers session and welcome abstracts from professionals starting out with their carrier, who would like to present the results of their Bachelor or Master thesis completed in 2018 or 2019.

Please note that only abstracts adhering to the guidelines, with the required format and content will be considered for review and inclusion in the programme.

Abstract categories are:

Research Clinical Educational Young researchers The format can be for either a poster / oral presentation or for a workshop.

Abstracts should be maximum 350 words in length, and should be structured in the following ways, based on their type of content:

Research abstracts: Purpose, Method, Results*, and Conclusion** Clinical abstracts: Clinical topic, Content or case presentation, Actions taken, recommendations/Conclusions** Educational abstracts: Educational topic or area, Content, Results, Recommendations/Conclusions**

  • Research results are expected to be accompanied by proper statistical analysis and relevant numerical results.

** Conclusions should be supported by the results presented in the abstract.

For more detailed information on how to submit your abstract, please consult:

General information Guidelines for oral and poster presentations

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