Outstanding Opticians: Amelie Morel

Outstanding Opticians: Amelie Morel

How did you get into optics? What made you consider it as a career, how did you train?

I have been in optics since I was born. The Morel family has been involved in the world of optics since year 1880, when my great grandfather Jules Morel started to produce metal frames in his workshop in Morez (France). Therefore, it was natural for me to perpetuate the tradition! I started to study optics in my first year of high school and I graduated as an optician in 1990. Then I moved to Berkeley (USA) to graduate in marketing, following with a MBA.

Tell us about your career progression, where did you start, how did you get to where you are today.

I started my career as an optician in Switzerland. After this great experience , I moved to the US and work at MOREL USA in NYC, where I stayed 5 years. Then I decided to come back in France where I joined the headquarters in the French Jura as Communication manager. And I’m proud to have been appointed as President of Silmo since Fall 2017. Passion has driven me where I am today. I like the frames.


What makes up a typical day for you? How does your job differ to some other opticians’ jobs?

There is no typical day since every day looks different to me… I am lucky enough to love my job and it’s a great privilege to be involved in the development of Silmo, a reference in the world of optics. As an optician myself I know what it is like to be in contact with customers. It’s a great source of satisfaction to have a positive feedback from clients when you have made a great prescription and the client is pleased with it. I try to get this feeling from my teammates and partners!


What do you love about your role?

There are two well separated things in my professional life: my job at Morel is one and Silmo is another. Both are a great source of motivation and pride for me. In each case I love to work in a team and create synergies and emulation. It stimulates creativity and make things move faster and further. I like to mix experienced people with younger professionals. It allows us to remain up-to-date, especially with digital tools.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to specialize in the same field as you?

When my father started his career, some were saying that the optical field was about to disappear because of contact lenses. When I started my career in the 90’s I heard the same old song with eye surgery… The fact is that we are still here and people will always wear frames! It’s much more than a medical device. It’s also a fashion item, a part of your look and personality. That’s what I like about this business: the creativity and the innovation. Therefore, I would highly recommend young people to study optics. You can experience many job in one: medical, technical, sales and the fun part, fashion!

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