Spotlight on.... Nigeria

Spotlight on.... Nigeria

How many opticians are there in your country?

There are more than 500 registered dispensing opticians in Nigeria.

**What isthe optical organisations in your country? **

There is only one unified level of opticianry which is the Association of Nigerian Dispensing Optician. (ANDO).

Opticians organisations are same in all regions with a national body regulating the optometrist and dispensing optician in Nigeria.

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How do opticians receive their training in your country?

Opticians in Nigeria gain their 3 years training in the colleges of health technology and are certified by the regulatory board.

Tell us a bit about being an optician in your country:

Opticians gain employment in either private eye clinics, Government hospitals or become self employed by having an outlet for dispensing. But with a few persons in Government establishment.


What are the current challenges for opticians in your country?

Challenges the opticians are facing here in Nigeria is that for the passion of the profession, every members would want to further his/her education from diploma to BSc in opticianry.

What are the biggest achievements for opticians in your country?

Achievement gains were having a unified body for the Opticians over the years.

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