Top Tips to getting involved in Sports Vision by Michelle Beach

Top Tips to getting involved in Sports Vision by Michelle Beach

Eye expert Michelle Beach is the founder and optometrist director of Park Vision, a bespoke eye clinic in Nottingham’s Regent Street. Park Vision is a fusion of three of Michelle’s passions in life: optometry, sport and fashion.

After graduating in Optometry from Cardiff University, Michelle came to Nottingham to complete her training at Queen’s Medical Centre – specialising in low vision aid, children’s clinics and corneal research. She was awarded research prizes in the UK and USA for her work studies in corneal graft surgery.

Here are Michelle’s top tips to getting involved in Sports Vision:

  1. One member of the team does need to have a passion for sports, if you are not interested in sports it will show.

  2. Try and get as much knowledge as possible; a diploma in sports vision, talk to lens companies about wrap lenses, read papers on sports vision and speak to sports frame distributors. One size doesn’t suit all and there needs to be variety in sports frames: shape, fit..and colour!! Most elite athletes are very image conscious!

  3. Get the whole practice on board, sports vision starts from the consulting room.

  4. Use the right terminology, do not call a cricket pitch a field, a cricket bat a stick !! You will lose all confidence.

  5. Be prepared to do your sporting homework, network and sometimes demonstrate your skills for free, athletes and coaches can be very sceptical about how you can help them…….. “What has vision got to do with it???”…… (need I say more!!)

Topic: Optical Education