Who's Who at the IOA: Robert Dalton

Who's Who at the IOA: Robert Dalton

Name: Robert Dalton

Position at the IOA: Board member

Other Positions held: Executive Director at the Opticians Association of Canada, President of the Nova Scotia Society of Dispensing Opticians.

How did you get into optics?

I have dedicated my working life to the optical profession. Starting as an apprentice with Butler Opticians 25 years ago I have helped grow the business resulting in steadily increasing sales. My time spent in the apprenticeship of William Butler has lasted me a lifetime in terms of lessons learned. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful of that guidance and engagement.

The key to success is a focus on customer satisfaction and a diligent approach to remaining up to date on optical technology, products and techniques. I believe in a high level of service and having an integrated understanding of the business.

How has your career progressed?

I have been active in the in the promotion of the optical profession. The advocacy side of politics has always been of interest.

Nova Scotia Opticians expressed their confidence in my leadership potential by electing me as a director of the Nova Scotia Society of Dispensing Opticians. I was elected President of the Nova Scotia Society of Dispensing Opticians (NSSDO) in 2000 and assumed the role of the Opticians Association of Canada Representative for NS. In the eight years I served as President of the NSSDO I changed the financial picture of the Association from bleak to prosperous. I was instrumental in the initiative to get our regulatory body to recognize the NAIT/OAC program which brought us a sustaining revenue stream.

In 2008 I became the president of the Opticians Association of Canada. I have deliberately chosen to be a pro-active President and although I recognize the knowledge and skill of the Administrative team in Winnipeg I have been actively involved in the day to day business of the OAC providing direction and guidance in making tough decisions.

In 2010 I was hired as the full-time Executive Director of the Opticians Association of Canada

In 2015 I received my designation (valedictorian) as a Certified Association Executive by the Canadian Society of Association Executives.

I am presently engaged in learning a second language, French, to better enhance the OAC’s needed integration


What do you bring to the IOA?

I believe in the International Opticians Association. We will have strength in numbers. I am firmly committed to making this organization a reflection of the grass-root optician. We need to be open and transparent, we need to stand for inclusiveness and at all cost we must remember WHY we are here. To promote opticians.



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