Making Optical Services Accessible to Low Vision Patients

By Dan Williams On a visit to the optician or the hospital eye clinic, you would think it would be a breeze for someone like myself, for whom even the phrase visual impairment could be a wild exaggeration. You wouldn’t expect me to have to worry too much about it being a bit of a bumbling experience, knocking things over as I go, just to get into the place. If you have low vision, I’m sure you will relate to this as you bump along, going about your daily life, hoping for the best. Ah, the optometrist! You allow yourself a smile, I’ve done the same. For once, no knocks, no making a terrible fool of myself. And to be honest, on most occasions when I’m out and about I can make a very big fool of myself, even with my assistance dog, Zodiac, at my side!

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