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This is a small selection of the educational aspects of the IOA Summit 2020. Delegates also have the chance to visit the Thai Optical Group and Hoya premises in Thailand, and SILMO Bangkok.

Talk: Modern refraction for 2020 and beyond by Dominique Meslin

Talk: New insights on presbyopia correction to meet the new visual demands of this modern era by Olga Prenat

Presentation: Challenges 2020 and beyond and product solutions to meet them

Talk: DIMS myopia lens & clinical trial

Talk: Creating a new optical experience for the modern world by Harrro Lotz, Club InterOptique, France

Talk: How to Keep Customers Coming Back by Stephen Caunter, Australia and NZ Banking Group NZ

More educational talks and activities still to come

The Summit runs from 7-13 June 2020

Payment plans available