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This is a small selection of the educational aspects of the IOA Summit 2020. Delegates also have the chance to visit the Thai Optical Group and Hoya premises in Thailand, and SILMO Bangkok.

If we are all the same, why are we so different? It’s all in how we communicate! Stephen Caunter (ANZ).

Innovation in single vision correction - Olga Prenat from Essilor International, France (Platinum sponsors of the IOA meeting).

New insights on presbyopia correction to meet the visual demands of the modern era. - Olga Prenat

Presentation title tbc Dr Alireza Parandian (Materialise).

“I see you: why see me?” – Robert Dalton (OAC, Canada).

DIMS myopia lens and clinical trial - Maarten Brouwer (Hoya, Europe).

Presentation from IOA partner/ platinum sponsor and TOG associate PPG, Title to be confirmed, Frederic Le Franc.

Seeing well together – ocular harmony and the key to success - Dominique Barraud (CNOF) and Elaine Grisdale.

Keep customers coming back - Stephen Caunter (Australia and NZ Banking Group).

SILMOAcademy by IOA will offer programme for local delegates at Silmo hosted by IOA members. IOA delegates are welcome to attend or to visit the show. Full programme to be announced.

More educational talks and activities still to come

The Summit runs from 7-13 June 2020

Payment plans available