Ghanaians suffering ‘avoidable’ blindness

Ghanaians suffering ‘avoidable’ blindness

The Ghana Optometric Association (GOA) has expressed concerns over the alarming cases of blindness among the Ghanaian populace.

According to the association, majority of eye conditions which result in total blindness would have been prevented if individuals access routine eye care services.

President of the Optometric Association, DSP Dr. Remi Ninkpe, speaking at the 5th General Meeting of the group in Ho at the weekend said eye conditions such as refractive errors could be managed with lenses, cataracts with surgery and glaucoma with appropriate medications.

He indicated that almost half of the over 200,000 visual impaired persons in the country would not have gotten to that situation if everyone was paying critical attention to their sight by undergoing periodic eyes checkup.

“You will marvel that, 44 percent of all the visually impaired people in Ghana would only need glasses and they will have solutions. So why should we as a nation sit aloof whiles our people suffer needless disabilities. We as individuals must make sure we take our sight issues as important as all other issues. We may also need to make that effort to be able to access vision care when the need arises,” DSP Dr. Ninkpe stated.

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