IOA Highlights 2016-2018

Sir Antony Garrett reported last week to IOA members at the biennial convention as Secretary General of the IOA. He explained that as a result of the successful and positive meeting in Auckland in 2016, the secretariat was charged with undertaking a number of tasks which were aimed at increasing the size, influence and profile of the IOA. This included the development of a new website, rebranding and increased electronic communication. The following has been achieved:

  1. The new website and rebranding was launched in late 2017 and is increasingly being accessed by individual opticians from a number of countries. These include for example, new contacts from countries in Africa, South America and Asia.

  2. The first e-newsletters have been published.

  3. The website development and e-communications has been handled by Antonia Chitty, ABDO’s Head of Communications. She has also successfully established an active Facebook page which has brought a significant number of new contacts.

  4. IOA Director of Development Elaine Grisdalehas established a good working relationship with a number of members and new contacts.

  5. The increased networking has enabled the IOA to be involved in a number of activities: • Canada helping Ghana with optical education • South Africa legal challenge – supporting a DO in his legal fight with an optometrist • Australia book debacle – supporting opticians throughout Australia and elsewhere to continue to be able to obtain David Wilson’s text book

  6. In order to move forward, it has been important to look for ways of increasing the IOA’sfinancial strength both with membership by associations and with an affordable tiered membership for individuals.

  7. The IOA has also actively sought sponsorship for continuing development.

  8. PPG has also agreed to provide resources for the member area of the website with material which can be IOA branded to help increase standards for members across the profession.

  9. Elaine has recently had the opportunity of speaking with the leaders of four US organisations.

  10. Essilor International has been enthusiastic to promote the IOA through an interview to go out to over 100 countries in five languages. They will follow this up with a video.

  11. The ABDO Board has reviewed the progress made and are pleased to confirm that they will continue to support Elaine Grisdale in her current role for the IOA and also the work being done by Antonia Chitty and other ABDO members of staff as may be necessary.

Topic: Optical News