IOA Supports the ‘Put Vision First’ Initiative on World Sight Day

IOA Supports the ‘Put Vision First’ Initiative on World Sight Day

The International Opticians Association (IOA) is calling on everyone to visit the website to check their vision and adopt 3 good habits to improve their sight on the road:

  1. Check your vision regularly

  2. Protect your eyes from glare

  3. Wear appropriate glasses

The website is available in 10 languages and it part of the Vision & Driving initiative.

President of the IOA Fiona Anderson says, “The IOA fully endorses the Vision & Driving initiative. Any campaign that reduces death & accidents on our roads, and brings wider public awareness should be actively supported. As a driver, passenger & pedestrian I, for one, do not take my sight for granted and urge all in the Optical Sector to support Vision & Driving this World Sight Day.”

According to the World Health Organization, 1.25 million people are killed in road crashes and 50 million more are left seriously injured across the world every year.

Kristan Gross, Global Executive Director, Vision Impact Institute, welcomed news of the IOA’s support of vision and road safety and said, “With one out of five drivers driving without adequate correction, poor eyesight is a main risk factor for road traffic injuries worldwide. Yet good vision is often missing from road safety discussions. Since its inception, the Vision Impact Institute has worked to raise the priority of healthy vision for drivers. Our efforts to create change in this area, both globally and locally, include building awareness through research on the role of healthy vision in driving. We are delighted to work alongside the industry as it comes together to advocate for road safety and support”

David Navarro, Essilor Group, VP Vision & Road Safety says, “Following last year’s signature of our global partnership with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) we are accelerating our efforts in an area that impacts the lives of people everywhere. Leveraging the momentum of this year’s World Sight Day, our campaign and our presence at the Paris Motor Show aim at raising awareness and partnerships for good vision for everyone on the road.”

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