New Award: The Wilson-Kirk Award for Exceptional Service

David Wilson

The International Opticians Association (IOA) has announced a new biennial award in memory of Dr David Wilson, who passed away in July 2016 (Dispensing Optics September 2016).

Born in Glasgow, David qualified in the UK before moving to Sydney, Australia, where he was a leading educator and avid supporter of the IOA, becoming president from 1998 to 2001. His book, Practical Optical Dispensing, was published by ABDO in 1999.

On announcing the award, the Wilson family and Ros and David Kirk, stated: “David was a humble man, a dispensing optician and teacher whose enthusiasm for optics, the wellbeing of past and present students and all patients, knew no bounds. In his memory, we are proud to announce this award, which we hope will become the most prestigious prizes in the world of international optics/opticianary.”

The inaugural Wilson-Kirk Award for Exceptional Service will be announced at the IOA’s 32nd biennial convention to be held in the UK from 13-20 April 2018. The winner will receive a financial prize and a copy of David Wilson’s first book. For a copy of the criteria and/or to submit a nomination, email the PA to the ABDO general secretary, Jane Burnand, at [email protected]

Critera 1. The ethos of the award is to match David Wilson’s high standard of professional interaction, education, kindness, enthusiasm and open mindedness. It is founded in his memory. 2. The award will be given bi-annually, with the intention that it will be announced and received at the International Opticians Associations Conventions. 3. The award will be administered by the ABDO under the umbrella of the IOA and paid for by D & R Kirk Opticians. Applications for nominations should be requested from the ABDO by dates to be announced. 4. Nominees will be judged by a panel consisting of Mrs Jan Wilson, Mr Andrew Wilson, Mrs Rosalind Kirk, Mr David Kirk and the ABDO General Secretary. 5. Recipients will receive a financial prize, a commemorative medal and a copy of David Wilson’s first book. 6. The award is open to opticians as individuals or groups of such, who have attained qualified status in their home country. 7. Recipients will be undertaking or have undertaken assistance beyond commercial interest to members of the public and/or the general community being either educational or humanitarian. 8. It is envisaged that this award will be acknowledge as the most prestigious recognition worldwide in the field of optics/opticianary

Topic: Optical News