Spotlight on.... Armenia

This month’s spotlight is on Armenia and it is in pictures.

Jean Patrick Mouradian

The first one is Jean Patrick Mouradian, coaching in customer service skills. He says, “Trying to give them the reflex of cleaning customer’s glasses each time someone comes.”


This is Maria, she is an eye doctor. She is working in an optical store in one of the biggest mall of EREVAN. Since this store doesn’t have too much space, she is practicing in front of the main store window. Often the eye doctor is the most experienced.


A book Jean Patrick Mouradian wrote a few years ago written in Russian about How to better sell for the Optical Market. He gave a seminar in St Petersburg to sign this book.


Two eyes Doctors (Greta in yellow and her husband) attending a general sales training.


Another coaching in EREVAN

exam room

The exam room in a sophisticated store in EREVAN

training session

A training at Ophthalmological center, the main Eye Hospital in the EREVAN suburb.

The Doctor GRETA is wearing black sweater, standing up, right. The professor S. Malayan sitting second row on the right, head of the hospital.

The main topic: “How to handle first time presbyope”. Words to be used, how to deliver progressive lenses. To take care about the “psychology” of this special customer.

Topic: Country spotlight