Spotlight on ... Malaysia

Spotlight on ... Malaysia

How many opticians are there in Malaysia?

Total of 3223 as of December 2017

As stated in Optical Act 1991, there are two types of Optician Registration. One can register as general optician (blue certificate) with refraction right. One can also register as Optician with refraction and Contact Lens Dispensing rights (pink certificate). Pink Certificate Registration requires a Blue Certified Optician to attend a pre-approved course and pass a qualification examination (theory and practical) conducted by Malaysia Optical Council.

MAPO President Tai Lee Pin

What are the optical organisations in Malaysia?

There are six optical organizations in Malaysia.

a. The Malaysian Association of Practising Opticians (MAPO) – The biggest optical association in Malaysia, with close to one thousand active members. Members consist of registered opticians and students pursuing opticianry course. b. Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO) – Optical association for optometrists registered in Malaysia. c. Malaysian Optometry Association (MOA) – Another optical association in Malaysia. d. Sarawak Optical Traders Association (SOTA) – Optical association in Sarawak (one of the two states in East Malaysia) e. Sabah Optical Association (SOA) – Optical association in Sabah (one of the two states in East Malaysia) f. Malaysian Optical Wholesalers Association (MOWA) – Association for Optical Wholesalers.

Practising as an Optician in Malaysia

How do opticians receive their training in Malaysia?

Since 1991, a person can register as optician in Malaysia if he/she holds a certificate from one of the institutions specified in the Optical Act 1991 (e.g. ABDO). ABDO course in Malaysia is currently conducted by Axismatics Professional Institute. There are other institutions offering Diploma in Opticianry course in Malaysia, like Vision College, Avicenna College, Business Management International College, etc.

Practising as an Optician in Malaysia

Tell us a bit about being an optician in Malaysia: where do most opticians work and what sort of work do they do?

Opticians in Malaysia work predominantly in optical outlets. Optician job scope includes refraction, spectacles dispensing, contact lens dispensing, and low vision aid dispensing.

Practising as an Optician in Malaysia

What are the current challenges for opticians in Malaysia?

Bogus opticians and online selling of frames and lenses are the two main challenges. The enforcement of the Act in reducing bogus opticians is restricted due to the limitation of the Optical Act 1991.

Practising as an Optician in Malaysia

What are the biggest achievements for opticians in Malaysia?

Currently opticians formed the largest group of Eye Care Practitioners in the country. Opticians are providing the optometry service from the smallest outlets in outskirt area to the largest shopping malls in the country. Opticians in Malaysia are keen to upgrade themselves in term of knowledge and skill throughout their career.

Practising as an Optician in Malaysia

If people want to find out more about training or working as an optician in Malaysia, what website can they visit?

  1. Malaysian Association of Practising Opticians MAPO
  2. Ministry of Health


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