Spotlight on Thailand.....

Spotlight on Thailand.....

How many opticians are there in Thailand? (And are there different levels of optician?)
The number of opticians in Thailand is 1,530 and there are not different levels of optician.

What are the optical organisations in Thailand?
Optical organisations in Thailand are independent operators and chain stores.

How do opticians receive their training in your country?
Training is from the Thai Optometric Association.

Tell us a bit about being an optician in Thailand.
The Thai Optometric Association was established in 1976 and there are now 1,530 opticians in Thailand. Usually the Thai Optometric Association begins to recruit opticians in the beginning of the year. It holds classes on weekdays and weekends;60 persons per course. The course takes six months.

After graduating, opticians receive a certificate from the Ministry of Education.

Where do most opticians in Thailand work and what sort of work do they do?
Thai opticians work in shops and hospitals, working alongside an optometrists or ophthalmologist, dispensing spectacles and contact lenses and working on low vision.

Most opticians work as business owners and work on eye testing, frame sales frame and lens, including contact lens, and frame repairs.

What are the current challenges for opticians in Thailand?
The current challenges are new chain stores coming from abroad coming to open business in Thailand, such as Owndays and Oppa.

What are the biggest achievements for opticians in Thailand?
The biggest achievement for professional opticians is solving people’s eye problems.

If people want to find out more about training and working as an optician in Thailand, where can they find out more?
ThaiOptometricAssociation Facebook page
Thai Optometric School Facebook page

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