Lens solutions: Driving

For many patients, driving forms a huge part of what they do every day. Whether they drive for employment, or purely as a means of commuting, or even just for pleasure, many of us spend a long time behind the wheel every day. The Vision Council¹ suggests when driving we rely on our eyes more than any other sense. Our eyes are constantly in motion, focussing and refocussing as objects approach, and, additionally we have to contend with distractions and glare from such things as oncoming headlights and bright sunlight. Prolonged periods of intense concentration when driving takes its toll on our eyes and causes them to become strained and tired which can in turn reduce our safety and effectiveness whilst driving. Regular breaks and maintaining hydration help us to stay alert and fit to drive. There are numerous products on the market which help make vision for driving more comfortable and here we will explore some of what is available to all ECPs. 

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