Seven ways to make low-vision services pay

By Daniel Williams, Founder of Visualise Training and Consultancy, Man on a Mission with Low Vision. Business always has a bottom line. You may enthusiastically get your start-up launched with a view to helping a few people, but if you’re not making enough money to pay your rent, staff, suppliers and yourself then you soon find your ‘bottom line’ kicked to the curb. The ‘bottom line’ is the phrase I hear over and again, when I’m travelling around the country delivering our CET Seeing Beyond the Eyes road show, which is for dispensing opticians and optometrists who are not investing in low vision services. Most of you genuinely want – just as the politicians always say - ‘to do the right thing’ for low vision patients, and deliver the vital services they need. You struggle however, like the Chancellor losing sleepless nights over his budget, to balance doing the right thing…with doing the right thing financially. Put bluntly, you consider low vision patients low profit and low priority. To put it in sharp focus, so to speak, in this article I’m going to point to some different numbers. Generally speaking, I’m one of those guys who glazes over when reading articles like these. You know the kind of thing I mean: ‘Six Reasons to Commit to Fit!’, ‘Five Things You Never Knew About Cheese!’ Hence, why I’m about to give you a list, ‘Seven Ways to Make Low Vision Services Pay.’ Here goes….

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